From a young age, I’ve been passionate about leadership – feisty, strong-willed and full of ideas, I was happiest when leading the charge forward in school, sport, drama and church life. I’ve been privileged to grow up in a home where my sisters and I were encouraged to lead with humility, confidence and clarity.

It was only in my mid-twenties when I discovered that not all women are launched into life with such inherent certainty about their capacity to participate. Since being the first female youth pastor at our church in 2009, to the first female preaching pastor in our large multi-campus church, I have grown in my conviction that my greatest leadership contribution will be to make space for women and people of colour in leadership roles.

Recent projects I’ve loved being part of

  • running our Women’s Preaching Development Group
  • preparing for and participating in the March Against Gender-Based Violence
  • hosting dialogues and “deep dive dinners” on issues like race, reconciliation, patriarchy and the Fees Must Fall protests on South African universities

My gifting is strategic, visionary thinking, and problem-solving from a unique perspective – breaking the mould on tradition, breaking the silence on challenging issues and building bridges. My dream is empower others, and liberate our potential in diversity, and give people permission to show up as they are and contribute creatively to the life of the Church.