Durban Street Names: Adelaide Tambo

Who are the people that Durban's streets are named after? What did they do? I didn't have a clue about most of them, until I started researching, particularly the women whose stories I was never told. To start the series off , I'll do the street in my own neighbourhood of Durban North that I … Continue reading Durban Street Names: Adelaide Tambo


50 Fun Things For Kids To Do In Durban

Whether you're on holiday in Durban, or a born-and-bred local, this chilled out East Coast city has a lot to offer kids. From the balmy beaches to the hilly hinterland, from the playgrounds to the pools, you can't help but enjoy our warm weather and laid-back lifestyle. For example, in summertime the sun rises at 4.30am. … Continue reading 50 Fun Things For Kids To Do In Durban