I know what you long for.
Because I want it, too.
You long to find yourself soaring, flourishing and free.

For years I had struggled, and didn’t really understand why.
Somewhere, somehow, I had lost myself and found myself stuck in a cage.
Then, someone dropped a key.

Dropping keys that help individuals, teams, readers and audiences discover freedom is what I love to do.

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“I worked with Jess for several years and found her to be a profound facilitator and a positive influence on our team. Here’s why.
Firstly, she is discerning which means she moves any process or meeting beyond the tick box into the transformational.
Secondly, she genuinely has a passion for people and their transformation.
Lastly, she is fun and funny, too. Jess has the ability to move between deep and light, heavy and colourful ensuring that all of our time together was memorable, laughable.
I knew anyone that sat in a workshop with her under our banner would leave having had a really meaningful experience.”

– Travis Gale,
Organisational Culture Strategist, Appletree Group


Content by Jess

Jess is a thoughtful and evocative story teller who is able to create powerful emotional connections to learning moments.

Liesel Scott,
Co-Founder Open Circles
Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator

“She’s wise beyond her years, gentle and strong, fun-loving, and serious about matters that are close to her heart!

Jess is an engaging and charismatic speaker who can captivate and inspire her audience.”

Janine couchman,
Global Leadership Network,
South AFrica


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