About Jess

Wife to Tom.
Mother to Will and Luke.
Pastor at Grace Family Church, uMhlanga, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

I’m a white, thirty-something South African woman, attempting to live authentically in the intersection of privilege, feminism and faith – all of which I have a lot to learn about.

If I could, I’d invite you to sit with me here, on my verandah.


We’d pop open a bottle of Pinotage, and I’d tell you all about this space where I discovered my love of gardening. I once bought a pair of running shoes. Turns out they’re much more useful here.

Or maybe you’d come for a stroll with me here, just down the road from my house.


We’d get a flat white from the coffee shop and then we’d walk through the Virginia Bush Nature Reserve where I listen to my favourite podcasts and (when no one is looking) dance a little under the trees.

There are so many great conversations to be had.
So many ideas to unpack.
So many books to read.

And while we may not do it in my backyard, you can join in the messy, beautiful conversation here. So whether it’s a glass of wine, or a flat white, grab a little something and let’s chat.

With love,