Rookie Mom: A Pretty Ordinary Day

4.00am - "MAMA! I'm awake! Look, it's a morning! What's today?" Stumbling out of bed, I switch on the kettle. One bottle of rooibos tea with honey, one bottle of formula, one cup of green tea. The boys and I lie on the couch sipping on our beverages of choice, while I play "This Little … Continue reading Rookie Mom: A Pretty Ordinary Day

Are You a Terrible Parent?

Last week, I was informed by a perfect stranger in a public place that I was a terrible parent. When a woman you have never met and knows nothing about you gives you such an astute observation, you take it seriously. Even after thinking about our constructive conversation for three days, I was still unsure. … Continue reading Are You a Terrible Parent?

Parenting is Not a Profession

Along with the chocolates, flowers and - wait, NOTHING FOR ME BECAUSE ALL MY BOYS DID NOT DO ANYTHING (insert sheepish apology from Husband here),  Mother's Day came and went with dozens of viral blogs and videos. They ranged from extolling motherhood as the hardest "job" in the world to lamenting the emphasis of mothering as the … Continue reading Parenting is Not a Profession