What My Father Taught Me

"Don't you wish you had a son?" This question was often directed at my father, who has three daughters of which I am the oldest. Every time, he answered surely and quickly, "Nope. I love being a dad to girls." And he really does. Even when the house was full of GHDs, giggling girls and … Continue reading What My Father Taught Me

Love and Fear and Frozen

There are a million reasons why I love the animated movie Frozen. Firstly, Let it Go is the greatest song of all time. YES. Well. Not officially. But its pretty phenom. Secondly, its the first animated Disney movie directed by a woman (and their highest grossing animated movie to date). What an interesting coincidence. Thirdly, … Continue reading Love and Fear and Frozen

Word of the Day: BRAVE

Maybe its because I'm now officially in my thirties. Maybe its because of the whole marriage-children thing. Maybe its because the WiFi signal I'm on keeps freaking dropping. But it seems like everything is SO HARD. And not just for me. I bet you can think of people you know, people who are close to you, … Continue reading Word of the Day: BRAVE