Why I Love My Stomach Rolls

Last week at yoga, I was effectively forced to stare at pools of sweat gathering in my stomach rolls. The pose had me sitting down, folded over, head hanging into my lap, looking at my belly. I don't what this yoga pose is actually called. Probably Folded Moon or Curled Up Squirrel or something like … Continue reading Why I Love My Stomach Rolls

My Extremely Helpful Guide to Christmas Shopping

Everyone is always saying, "I love Christmas shopping! I love queues! I love credit card debt!" Not me. I don't like any of those things. But my worst thing about Christmas shopping is trying to figure out what other people want. I stand in front of shelves, and pick things up, and send pictures on … Continue reading My Extremely Helpful Guide to Christmas Shopping

How To Give A Compliment

Have you ever been on the way to visit someone who has really great hair, and on the way there you realise you didn't shower that day and forgot to put your hair up and now you were on your way to visit someone with really great hair? I have. It happened last weekend when … Continue reading How To Give A Compliment