My Extremely Helpful Guide to Christmas Shopping

Everyone is always saying, "I love Christmas shopping! I love queues! I love credit card debt!" Not me. I don't like any of those things. But my worst thing about Christmas shopping is trying to figure out what other people want. I stand in front of shelves, and pick things up, and send pictures on … Continue reading My Extremely Helpful Guide to Christmas Shopping


What My Father Taught Me

"Don't you wish you had a son?" This question was often directed at my father, who has three daughters of which I am the oldest. Every time, he answered surely and quickly, "Nope. I love being a dad to girls." And he really does. Even when the house was full of GHDs, giggling girls and … Continue reading What My Father Taught Me

Word of the Day: BRAVE

Maybe its because I'm now officially in my thirties. Maybe its because of the whole marriage-children thing. Maybe its because the WiFi signal I'm on keeps freaking dropping. But it seems like everything is SO HARD. And not just for me. I bet you can think of people you know, people who are close to you, … Continue reading Word of the Day: BRAVE