Adelaide Tambo

Introducing Adelaide Tambo, whose name is now given to the former Kensington Drive in Durban North. Adelaide Frances Tambo was born on 18 July 1929 at the Top Location, Vereeniging, in the Vaal Triangle. Ma Thambo, as she was affectionately known, died on 31 January 2007 at her Hyde Park home in Johannesburg at the age … Continue reading Adelaide Tambo


50 Fun Things For Kids To Do In Durban

Whether you're on holiday in Durban, or a born-and-bred local, this chilled out East Coast city has a lot to offer kids. From the balmy beaches to the hilly hinterland, from the playgrounds to the pools, you can't help but enjoy our warm weather and laid-back lifestyle. For example, in summertime the sun rises at 4.30am. … Continue reading 50 Fun Things For Kids To Do In Durban