As a speaker, storyteller and facilitator, I love crafting memorable moments that carry people’s learning experiences forward.

Whether it’s on an auditorium stage or a blog page, a corporate workshop or a magazine article, I bring humour and honesty to the conversation. 

Everything I contribute towards is fuelled by my mission: to share life-transforming ideas. There are many ideas that can change the world, and these are my favourite to share:

  • spirituality and faith
  • womanhood
  • equality, inclusivity and justice
  • mental health and freedom

Of all the stories to speak, God’s grace through Jesus is the one I love telling the most. In a world of uncertainty and divisiveness, I remain absolutely convinced that God’s radically inclusive love for everyone is worth sharing at every opportunity.

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Email jessbasson@gmail.com, and let’s connect.

“We’ve always loved having her as a facilitator at our annual Global Leadership Summit events. She’s as motivated as we are about leadership and community transformation and it shows in her presentations.”

– Janine Couchman, Global Leadership Network, South Africa