I’m one of those people who likes to order the same thing at restaurants, read the same books over and over, watch the same movies. When I find something I absolutely ADORE, it’s just common sense to enjoy it over and over again. It might sound boring, but let me assure – if it’s on this list, it’s freaking awesome. You won’t be overwhelmed with diverse options, but you will be overwhelmed by the awesomeness. Consider me a rather fantastic filter in this world of way too much.

You’ll find if you take a leisurely scroll – Favourite Parenting Books, Soul Food Books, Best Blogs.



Luke and William, my favourite favourites.

These are the basic building blocks of our parenting style and approach. If you click on the pic, it will take you to the Amazon page.




Raising Your Spirited Child – Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

raising-your-spirited-childMy son, William, is a spirited child. And this book has helped me to be so excited and positive and proactive about understanding his beautiful, imaginative, intense personality. If you’ve ever called your child “wild”, “stubborn”, “strong-willed” or “difficult”, give this book a glance through. I knew within a few pages (which you can read for free) that this woman understood my child and would help me to do the same. It’s literally changed my whole approach to parenting.

Hold Onto Your Kids: Why Parents Need To Matter More Than Peers – Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Mate

hold onto your kids This book is a game-changer. I read it before our sons were born, and it became a philosophical and psychological cornerstone for us. It’s not very easy to apply to babies and small children, but as a youth pastor who has worked with teenagers and students for over 6 years, I can honestly say it is brilliant and effective.

If you’ve ever looked around at the bullying, the hypersexualisation, the partying, the ADD and anxiety, and thought OMG-I-HAVE-KIDS-WHAT-THE-HELL-AM-I-GOING-TO-DO? then this is the book for you.

Playful Parenting – Lawrence Cohen

playful parentingThis book is like someone took all the fancy-schmancy psychology of the above two, and put into a super practical helpful book. I especially LOVED how he adderesses gender in this book – it’s insightful and refreshing.

If you have sons, this will really help you.
If you have daughters, this will really help you.

I wouldn’t say its better than the other two, but it is very practical.


These books are like good friends – even though you know all their stories and you’ve hung out together many times, its always a good thing to drink a glass of wine with them. They are all non-fiction, essay-style which really suits me as I can pick them up and read for a little while without having to figure out whats going on. That said, the first time I read them it literally took me a day or two.

Bittersweet – Shauna Niequist

bittersweetThe first time I read this book, it felt like everything was changing, I was learning some very hard lessons, and God’s grace was a theoretical truth but a practical mystery to me. Whether you’re moving house, experiencing infertility, longing for deep friendships, or if you just love intelligent, beautiful writing – this book will feed your soul. I once bought 8 copies, so I could just give it away whenever I felt like it. Its that good.

Highly recommended for travelling or holidays or if you just need a breath of fresh air.

Bread and Wine – Shauna Niequist 

bread and wineI told you I like to keep a good thing when I find it. I will buy ANYTHING Shauna writes. This book celebrates friendship, community and relationships…with RECIPES. I can’t cook to save my life, but this little gem of wisdom and deliciousness has made me try. These stories are so true and lovely, and trying to cook with them makes me feel like I am becoming that way, too. Its perfect for a book club or cooking club.

 Carry On, Warrior – Glennnon Doyle Melton

carry on warriorMY FAVOURITE BOOK RIGHT NOW! Laugh out loud. Maybe some silent tears. A few fist pumps of vindication and a whole lot of nodding. That is what you are likely to see if you catch me reading this gem of a book. Its raw and honest and very, very wise. Some of my favourite phrases (“We Can Do Hard Things” and “Carry On, Warrior”) come from Glennon’s book about parenting, marriage, addiction, friendship, womanhood and other CA-RAZY aspects of life.
Please read this.
(FYI: this is the cover of my book. The latest edition has a new design. Do not be alarmed. It is the same book)



I first started reading Sarah’s blog about two years ago because of her mothering posts. Her writing about parenting is profound and beautiful, and I am excited to hear her new book will be on this. I highly recommend going back in the archives to read the motherhood themed posts. But she especially writes about being a Jesus Feminist, and if you have any questions or interest in the discussion of gender roles in the Christian faith, women in leadership, or feminism then sign up and enjoy. She’s awesome.


Glennon is my hero. She wrote Carry On, Warrior, but momastery.com is where it all began. Obviously you are going to read her book as suggested above, but in the meantime get this blog on  your screen.


Rachel Held Evans is one of the most influential voices in my life, and in the Christian community. She will say with depth and passion what most of us are just too chicken to talk about. If you’ve ever felt disillusioned with the modern, evangelical church, or you’re wrestling with the hard topics and the messy way we seem to handle them, start listening to this women’s voice. She’s controversial but she’s kind. She’s opinionated but she’s thoughtful. She’s smart but she’s hilarious. I loved her book – A Year of Biblical Womanhood. It’s not one I read again and again, but if you want to start exploring the issues of egalitarianism, feminism and womanhood, its a fantastic, fun place to start.


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