Freedom isn’t freedom if you don’t walk out the door.

– Jess Basson


Coaching is a thinking partnership. Jess will come alongside you on practical, accountable journey towards being soaring, flourishing and free.


1 – Free Introduction Session
Book a free 30 minute session to find out more and see if Empty Cages Coaching is the right fit for you.

2 – Ready to Start

Your first step is a 90 minute session to discover where you are stuck and where you long to be. Based on your goals, you’ll commit to a 10-12 session coaching series.

3 – On Your Way

Every two weeks, you will have a one hour session. These sessions will challenge you to find new solutions to old problems, discover specific and practical actions, and hold you accountable to accomplishing your goals by making real changes.

* All coaching is done online via Zoom.


Whether it’s working with a team on their culture, or helping navigate diversity and inclusivity, Jess’ approach is underpinned this:

People will do better when they know better.

She loves collaborating with other coaches and facilitators, and crafting products unique to the client.

“I worked with Jess for several years and found her to be a profound facilitator and a positive influence on our team. Here’s why.

Firstly, she is discerning which means she moves any process or meeting beyond the tick box into the transformational.

Secondly, she genuinely has a passion for people and their transformation. For Jess, the experience of working with others and working with us is engaging and fulfilling. We can feel that and it makes all the difference.

Lastly, she is fun and funny, too. Jess has the ability to move between deep and light, heavy and colourful ensuring that all of our time together was memorable, laughable. I knew anyone that sat in a workshop with her under our banner would leave having had a really meaningful experience.”

– Travis Gale,
Organisational Culture Strategist, 
Appletree Group