About Jess

Jess Basson lives in Westbrook on the east coast of South Africa, with her husband Tom and their two wildlings, William and Luke. She loves gardening, her cats, walking on the beach, reading novels and procrasti-napping.

As a speaker, coach, pastor, facilitator and writer, Jess wears many hats but her passion is to share life-transforming ideas.

She holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Management from the University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, and a MA in Vocational Studies (Cum Laude) from Tabor College, Australia. Jess has also been in leading, pastoral and preaching roles at Grace Family Church, Durban for over 15 years.

Jess authored and published her first book, Empty Cages: Dropping Keys to Freedom, in December 2021.

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