About Jess

Hello, new Internet friend!

Thanks for reading my blog. If you’ve had a laugh, let’s be friends.  (If you think I’m nuts, you’re probably right.) From Durban, South Africa, I’m wife to Tom, mama to Will and Luke.

IMG_6760As a rookie mom and a preaching pastor, a lot of what I do feels weightily consequential.

At home, its about raising kids.
At work,  its about communicating life-changing love and grace.
This is serious stuff.

I’m also an intense person with strong ideas and opinions on the world in general. Heck, I feel exhausted just reading that description.

(Pause for short nap)

Laughter is my antidote to intensity and my guilty pleasure. Blogging and general ridiculousness reminds me that I can do things for pure, simple enjoyment.


Remember that stuff you used to have before you had to adult so much?
Fun. It’s for fun.

With love,

Jess xx