Exercises, excuses and a pack of ham

“Oh, that Jess. She is such a fitness fanatic. You should see her with exercise, she’s incredible!” said no one ever.

Probably the last time I smiled during exercise

I hate exercise. I don’t like being tired, I don’t like be sweaty, and I don’t like being useless at something. When I was a teenager, I was quite good at swimming. I trained daily with a swimming club that had a real coach and a pool and everything. But I hated it. I would tell my mom when I woke up that my stomach was sore, in preparation for a major health complication I had planned for after school, so that my excuse to not go swimming at 5pm would seem more legit.

Admittedly, I’ve faked liking exercise. When I was dating my husband Tom, I went mountain-biking with him on a mountain. And we went surfing together quite a few times.  I even used to train with him in his home-made gym, and let him shout and count how many pull-ups I did and time me with the skipping rope. Ah, young love. If he tried that now, I would literally kill him. Well, not literally, but he would have good reason to fear for his life.

If I want to bring more discipline into my life, I know I need to start with one aspect. The problem is if I say I’m going to get fit, eat better, keep my cupboards tidy, manage my time more efficiently, have more regular quiet times, and just be better at everything in the whole wide world – then I know I will get overwhelmed and eat a pack of ham while watching reruns of 30 Rock. I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again.

So in order to bring more discipline into my life, I’ve decided to start with one aspect…

And unfortunately, I have resigned myself to the fact that one aspect is going to be exercise.

What I’m realising is that I’ve always been a bit/very ill-disciplined with health, because I actually don’t believe I need to exercise . And as I posted previously, the only thing that will get me disciplined is Belief.

My list of unbelieving excuses about exercise include:

  1. I don’t need to lose weight. Why else would you ever ever exercise? Seriously.
  2. I have a fast metabolism and my ridiculously noisy stomach is proof that my digestive system alone can keep me fairly slender (see point 1).
  3. I am the only one who didn’t get the flu this winter even though I didn’t exercise. My husband Tom, who uses things like kettle bells and heart rate monitors and muscles, has been sick twice. Hah.
  4. Exercising is selfish and I’m a martyr who puts other people first.
  5. I hate being sweaty.
  6. I don’t have time to exercise because I work, study, mom, wife and a bazillion other things that are simply more important (see point 4).

If I don’t believe in exercise, what do I believe in? If I’m going to get disciplined, I’m going to need to believe.

“If I want to bring more discipline into my life, I know I need to start with one aspect.”
What is one thing that you could be more disciplined about?



4 thoughts on “Exercises, excuses and a pack of ham

  1. Ahhahahahhahahahhaahahhahahhahaaaaaaahahhahahhha!!! Jess,you are just too funny my friend!!!

    I really enjoyed your blog!!!!

    I must admit, I need a lot of discipline with a lot of things!! But one of the main things is: Listening to my body,but most of all to the Holy Spirit!!

    I find it very hard to rest!! I’m always trying to lose weight and I’m always crowding my days with excessive exercise!! 6km run, circuit at the gym (twice) and then 3-4hrs of dancing at night. Sooooooo we are pretty much the exact opposite,hahahahhahahha!!! I’m obessed with exercise and you hate it,hahahhaha!!

    So I’m trying my very best to find a balance,because when I found out we don’t have dancing this week due to spring break,it felt like my world is falling apart!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!

    But,just like always God is leading me every step of the way,and He knows me all to well. In April I found out I have Rheumatoid Arthritis,Fibromyalgia and Thorasic outlet syndrome……meaning my body is pretty much inflamed all the time. So whether I exercise or not I’m always in pain. But do I rest,no way,me? NEVER!!!

    But I really enjoyed your blog,and I also want to discipline myself this week to rest when I need to.

    We can do this Jess!!! God is with us!! Girl power!!! Whooop whoooop!!!!

    1. We definitely are so different – no wonder you are such a great dancer, it comes from all that hard work. When I find myself piling my plate with too many activities (even though exercise isn’t usually one of them!), I try to remember Psalm 46:10 – “Be still, and know that I am God.” I hope you have a restful week and take care of yourself, my friend!

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